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This spring will be the most exciting time for My Greatest Play since the launch of our crowdfunding campaign, and the official launch of the company. In the third week of April I (Keegan McGinnis), will be travelling to Africa to deliver soccer balls to remote schools in The Gambia along side Pa Madou, our brand representative and distribution coordinator in The Gambia. Documenting this trip will help to show those who have purchased clothing over the past few months how big of a difference you have been making in the lives of children across the ocean. We do our best to obtain pictures and video of the balls being donated day-to-day, but due to the lack of access of smart phones and service in The Gambia, obtaining these pictures have been difficult, to say the least. 

Only a couple weeks after coming back from Africa, I will be bringing My Greatest Play to Toronto to compete at the 2018 National Student Entrepreneurship Competition, against 11 other finalist chosen from across Canada. Being chosen to compete is a huge honour, and I am very excited to represent this community and share the impact we have been making, and what we plan to do in the upcoming months. It has yet to be announced who we will be competing against, but it is safe to assume the lineup will once again be extremely stiff. Last years finalist were mostly tech companies, with the winner being a company that was creating microchips to be inserted into the human brain after brain surgery to monitor progress (I think), anyway, the exposure and media opportunities from just being a finalist alone will be an amazing boost to this cause, and will help to establish markets outside of the maritimes. 

With all this excitement ahead, we would like to thank everyone for the amazing support MGP has received in the past and present, it should go without saying, but we would be nothing without everybody's generosity. We look forward to the growth ahead, and to really start making an dent in the issue of child poverty. 

Yours in philanthropy,

Keegan McGinnis, Founder, My Greatest Play

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  • Lise Coleman

    So very proud of your humanitarian heart and compassion for these young people. I spent two months in Zambia, Africa last year and watched the children play with old tires or sticks due to lack of equipment or anything for that matter. One of the guys in our ministry was a professional soccer player and gave it up for the calling of Christ. We discussed trying to find a donor to supply some balls for the youths in order to keep them off of the streets and out of trouble. I tried contacting a chap that I heard of that brings soccer balls and second hand cleets to I think it was Gambia. I understand that there are 52 billion people in Africa and we can’t help all. I pay for a child’s surgery each year who is born with a cleft lip/ pallette and we are trying to have fundraisers for a clinic in Nigeria. If there is any way your organisation can give even a dozen balls to my ministry they would be eternally grateful. God bless you. I’m Nicholas Monks grandmother

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